The 2nd Future Education Forum & the 4th  International ALCoB Conference

 We, my principal, a  coordinator and me, attended the conference as a member and guests.
And we met a pricipal of our partner  schools, Dr.Perlado , a teacher of our partner schools, Mr. Gilore  and Mr. Jesus L. Huenda, a chairman of DepEd ICT coordinating com, and 2 students. .
 We reviewed our cooperative projects, 3 online projects, 3 joint classes , contest .

1. Dates: November 22(Wed.) ~ 26(Sun.), 2006 [5 days]
2. Venue: Pusan National University, Boonpo Middle School, and Hanwha Resort, Busan, Korea
3. Hosted by: Korean Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development, Korean Ministry  of Information & Communication
4. Organized by: Institute of APEC Collaborative Education (IACE), Korea Advanced Intelligent Robot Association (KAIRA)
5. Supported by: Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education, National Computerization Agency (NCA), ALCoB-Entrepreneur Committee(ALCoB-EC), and Korean Association for Educational Information and Media (KAEIM)

[Day 1]  Wednesday, November 22
           - Welcoming Dinner                                                          
[Day 2]  Thursday, November 23
           -  Opening Ceremony
           -  APEC Future Education Forum
[Day 3]  Friday, November 24
           -  Report on the achievements of ALCoB activities
           -  Exhibition of the results of ALCoB activities / Experience of APEC education & culture
           -  ALCoB Team Discussion & APEC Cultural Night
[Day 4 ] Saturday, November 25
           -  Proposition of new ALCoB Co-Projects 2007
           -  Exhibition of e-Learning & Intelligent Robot
[Day 5 ] Sunday, November 26
           -  Intelligent Robot Competition for APEC Learning Community Builders  
           -  Closing Ceremony

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2ndFEF_Busan2006_1122_191509-051.jpg 2ndFEF_Busan2006_1122_191613-053.jpg 2ndFEF_Busan2006_1122_191701-054.jpg AtConference2006_1123_140544-001.jpg AtConference2006_1124_072630-002.jpg