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Our school festival is for students, teachers, parents and neighbors and many people are invited to enjoy it together. It had been held for 2 days on October 28~29.
The festival consists of mainly two parts.
One part is an all school talent show where students and teachers perform small plays, dance, sing, and play musical instruments, etc.
The other part is a student exhibition in which students display artwork, writing, and other things they've done throughout the year. The results of many club activities are also displayed. Visitors and students will be able to appreciate the works joyfully.  

Students' parents will also join some events to make this festival more fun. They will have a small marketplace where we can buy different kinds of food like Korean style pizza(Jeon), hot dogs, Kimbap and drinks.
Another interesting part of the festival is a flea market where we can buy lots of different things at a very reasonable price!! Students and teachers donate clothes, books, accessories for others.
If you visit our school to join our school festival, you can enjoy various performances and take a look at the different works on display. One more thing, you can taste very delicious food at school. Please come and enjoy it with us!!

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