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   Hilda Martinez 
   SB centrex
yesterday was definitely one of the best days i've had.xD
i was able to represent my school,(along with rhenea,israel,shai,madam and ayin) at th SB centrex leadership program.=)
i thought it was gonna be a boring day. THE HELL was i WRONG.XD
i was in group 10-humility. the noisiest, funniest and the best group i've been to!!! xD though we sat at the last desk.far from the stage and the speaker.xD
i met the best people in the world!!! =)
and they were:
1. Daddy Bernard- the group leader, speaker and butler.xD from don alejandro roces hs (handsome!)
2.Nani Nina- the garbage girl of the group! xD the member i'm closest to.
3.Doggie Tristan-our group dog.(?) the one near number 3,love team!!! XD
4.Sis Dayann- group secretary and the prettiest.XD
5.Kuya Nhiel- the singer and the oldest among all of us.
6.Ate Kim- he is a boy but he would kill me if i call him brother.xD he is the group comedian.
7.Mommy Hilda- that's me!!!! XD though i'm the youngest, they told me i was their mother.xD

--- the best day!!! food rained and they gave us our allowance!! xD (we had our pay roll.=D)

looking forward to happier sessions(every saturday=15 saturdays all) with them

<3<3<3<3 you sooooo much guys!

^_^ hilda


Hwang ha-seon
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