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Aly's Story by her

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Name   Alyssya
Subject   In the Middle of my Life
Alyssa, called Aly by friends, was the eldest of the three children of a middle-class couple in Quezon City. She was born on 29th of November, 1992. She was thankful for having a good parent which gives her all the love and care she needs. At first, they are only working on a two factories near to each other. They don’t see often because my mother always goes home early. My mother’s parents are not rich, so at the age of 16, my mother is already working to have some extra income. My mother is 23 years old while my father is 20 years old. My father courts first the friend of my mother but he was not answered. Then after a month he talks to the friend of my mother. She doesn’t know that my father is asking about her. Then she was shocks when my father starts to court her. After a month, my father was answered. They have one year relationship when finally they decided to be married.

January 31, 1992, date of Antonio de Cadiz Jr. and Esperanza Soriano’s wedding in the City Council, City Hall, Manila. They organized a civil marriage because they don’t have enough money to have it in the church. Reverent Alfonso S. Dabao Jr. solemnized their marriage. The two witnesses who take them as husband and wife are Jun Labajo and Erlinda Antonio. The reception followed in my mother’s residence and many visitors came. I’m happy to be one member of the de Cadiz family. My father is Antonio S. de Cadiz Jr., a 36 years old man with a strict personality but has a good heart. He works hard for our education. My mother is Esperanza S. de Cadiz, a 40 years-old woman is so kind. She always cares for us also she ever let go sickness to us. I have one brother and sister named Allan Dave S. de Cadiz and Michelle Anne S. de Cadiz. They helped me when I have works to do especially when I am tired in doing my projects.

November 29, 1992. A mother gave birth to a baby girl named Alyssa Marie S. de Cadiz at 10:30 a.m. at Lying Center in Novaliches Bayan. She said that she didn’t suffer too much because the baby gets out fast. She counts my fingers if it is complete and she felt happy when she sees that I am healthy and has no deficiency. During my kindergarten and preparatory year, I go to Novaliches Ladies Association Learning Center. The one thing I like most about it is when after every test, my father brings me to Jollibee. I am the top two on my kindergarten year and became top one on my preparatory year. When I’m in elementary, I am shock because I can’t believe that there is many students and we are 55 students in one classroom. But it’s okay because I catch up and I have many friends. Now I’m high school with so many obstacles. Someone will bring you up but there is also someone will bring you down. But well, that’s life. Besides, I have friends help me with.

January 31, 1993. Alyssa Marie S. de Cadiz was Christianized in our lady of Fatima Caloocan city. I was two months old that time. I wear white socks with white shoes and white dress. My godmother and godfathers pick me up and wants to take picture with me. Then, we go to our house parents are so happy because that day ends successfully and happily.

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