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Name   Hwang ha-seon
Subject   from Langdan

“Christmas time is here,
Time for joy and time for cheer”

        Each and every one of us has a different meaning of Christmas. It maybe season of giving, love, joy and forgiveness. But we should always remember that the birth of our dear Jesus Christ is the reason why we celebrate the season of Christmas.

        This year’s Christmas is so different for me for the reason that this year I heartily feel and understand how meaningful life is?

        November 7, 2010, devastating news I heard from my parents where tears ran down from my eye and a felt of loneliness in my heart. That day is the day I realized that life is just a blink of an eye, if it’s your time, you may now bid goodbye. That day is the day my grandma died and its kind difficult for me to accept the truth.  And I asked myself, how?

        Days have passed and loneliness is gone. But still there is a space in my heart where I remember the days my grandma hugged and kissed me full of love. I miss that so much.  She may be not physically present this Christmas, I know that her love is still in our heart and I’m so happy that she’s with our creator now celebrating this Christmas Season.

        I’m so glad that this is the first time  my family is complete during the N oche Buena.

Hwang ha-seon :: sure. She loves u alway in the heaven.  [2011/01/01]  

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