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Name   Hwang ha-seon
Subject   Are Children Inherently Good or Bad?
A child is a gift for a parent because this is theeffectof their love for each other. This gives them an everlasting joy and a fulfillment of a wish. This is a thing that money cannot buy. A child gives a smile to every member of the family. Also this gives a new hope for our world and also to the people to peacefully live someday.
        Generally speaking good and bad is a general term for the traits of a person. Kind is the best example for good and evil for bad. We can define a person generally using these two adjectives.
        In psychology, there are two things that affect the development of a child which is the nature or heredity and environment or nature. For me, the environment affects the most of it because yes it is true that the traits of a child will be the same as their parents but it will be change as the days goes by.  Also a trait can be change so that we can cope up to others to gain friends. But do you remember when you are a child? Are you inherently good or bad?

        In my opinion a child is inherently good. Do you know why? We can say that the parent of a child is so bad but it did not mean that he can inherent the same trait as well. He can get the same trait which is bad when he socializes with his parents and saw what they do. As a saying goes that in the eyes of a child everything is right so for him the one that his parent does is automatically he can do it as well because for him it is right. During offspring there is a small chance that they can get the same traits as their parent does because the big chance is they can get their physical attributes and also their mental attributes.
        Another thing is as I said earlier the environment is the one which most affects a child. Environment affects the physical, mental and emotional traits of a child. A child is born well or good and the things around him will be the one to influence him that will make him bad or stay the same.
        That is the reasons why children are inherently good for me. So what side is yours?

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