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Name   Hwang ha-seon
Subject   Good Health Habits on adult development
As a saying goes “Health is wealth!” and surely, we cannot deny that. Our health is one of the most important wealth that we can consider in our lives.  If we are not healthy enough and physically fit we are not be able to go on with the flow of life and we would not fully grow and develop as individuals and we would die young. Currently, the lifespan of Filipinos is up to 60-68 years old compared to 75-90 years old lifespan during 1900’s.

When we are still young, our parents told us to eat fruits and vegetables and not junk foods. There are also some instances that our parents are the one who decides on what we are going to eat. As we grow older, we are the one who chooses the foods that we are going to eat and in reality, majority of our choices are foods that are not so nutritious and sometimes it is toxic to our body.We must always remember that as we grow older we must be health conscious and be health considerate. We must observe proper health habits so that we could have a healthy and long life.

Here are some of my suggestions for a healthy adult development.
•        Exercise regularly.
We were made to move. We must have a regular physical activity.

•        Have a balanced diet.
We must eat the right quantity of foods that our body needed. In our meals, the three group of foods must be present, namely the go, glow and grow foods.

•        Eatmore organic foods.
        Commercial farmed vegetables and fruits are sprayed with chemical pesticides. We are ingesting all these harmful toxins every day at every meal and it is harmful to our health. Eating organic reduces our intake of these poisons. Organic foods also contain more nutrients, which are natural and thus better assimilated by our bodies.

•        Avoid poisonous and toxic intake to our body.
We must avoid foods with unnatural and chemical additives, preservatives, coloring and flavoring. Learn to read food labels. Avoid alcohol, cigarettesand all kinds of drugs. These substances are dangerous to our health.

•        Get enough quality rest.
Have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

•        Have a positive mental outlook.
Be optimistic and try to see the goodness in everyone.

•        Cultivate your spiritual health
Trust in God. Pray and meditate. Try to attend recollections and have spiritual cleansing. Celebrate life God’s blessing!

•        Develop a healthy relationship with yourself and with others.
Love yourself and love others.

•        Have a bright and healthy mental and emotional state.
Just smile and be happy. 

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