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Name   Hwang ha-seon
Subject   I'm T-bird
There are many people living in this world, different kinds and different faces. Other becomes our friends while others become our enemy. Above this all, how can we know their real feelings about the world?
        God made a male and female, but now there are gays and lesbians. Why such things do happens? How can they be accepted by the people around them? I asked a friend “how does it feel, being a lesbian?” She answered back, “happy, I can do many things which other girls can’t, like loving a girl like me.” After what she said, I was in deep thought. How does she do that? I asked her if she has a “girlfriend” and she said “yes”. “How will you know if you love a girl?” “Simple,” She said “You just feel it. A lesbian like me is true to her feelings, unlike some boys, who have other motives to woman.”
I understand her because once in my life I experienced pain caused by a guy. But I don’t regret. This is part of life. I learned many things about my friend and her life, being a lesbian. Many people hate her, while others accept her as whom she is. She told me that she doesn’t care if others don’t like her, as she is happy with her life. She just wished that those people who hate her can accept her soon, as who she is.
Then a funny question but a serious one came to my mind. “Did you wish to be married someday to a man who deserves you and soon make a happy family and became a good mother to your children in the future?” She smiled, “I never dreamed of being in love with a guy or being married because I used to be like a guy since I was on my elementary days. But if ever, maybe in the future or in the right time, I will think of finding my prince charming, being in love with him and having our own happy family. Because everyone wishes for someone who will be on their side for the rest of their live and I am one of them.

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