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Name   Hwang ha-seon
Subject   I love you, Pare!
What makes a straight man gay? Some say it’s socially adapted, some say we can blame it on the genes, and on the other side it’s sexually forced by circumstances.
        Being exposed in a much modernized world is not just facing the world materially and scientifically, it secretly wolves a person especially towards a personality that he never planned or expended. We all know that the gay community is accepted by most of us now a day and we can never expect that a man having a gay friend can also become one of them. Being close to a gay or having a gay friend might change a man because of adapting the life style of a gay. A man might not notice it at first, but later on he will be confused about his gender. We cannot say that all men with gay friends or expose to the gay community will become one of them. It really depends on the personality of a person.
        It’s very smooth to accept the fact that most of our companions in the gay community are the same as with their immediate relatives. There are few cases that a person is a gay since he was a child and some of his relatives are like him.
        There are 2 situations in this case. One is in which a person is well accepted by his family since he was a child and the other is in which a person is afraid on telling the truth to his family that he is a gay until he grows up.
        It’s a “new” situation that most of our straight men become gay because of certain circumstances. Since our country is facing many problems such as poverty, not all of us think widely and morally when it comes to gaining income just to survive.

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