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Name   Hwang ha-seon
Subject   Psychology: It’s Importance to Humanity
What is the relevance of psychology to humanity?
        First, let us define psychology. Psychology is the educational, theoretical and applied science that deals with the systematic study of human behaviors and mental operations. It is involved in numerous subareas of study as well as of applications related with different aspects such as human development, engineering, business, sports, forensic and etc. Thus, psychology indeed plays a significant role in our everyday lives. Everything that we perform in our daily living is really related to psychology. It instills and nurtures in us who and what we are, why we are like that, why we act and think like that and what we could be as humans. Psychology broadens our knowledge and deepens our understanding on the various aspects that affect our lives, our development and on our surroundings as well in order for us to improve our quality of existence.
Figuratively, psychology has an impact in our lives and we cannot deny that fact. Psychology made us realize that all things are interrelated with each other and everything happens for a definite reason and for a certain purpose. It also widens our understanding on the variation of beings in this world.
        Psychology in its nature, explains to us on how our body and our mind works. Therefore, we would no longer make things complicated for us and for our health as well. We would avoid things that can cause stress to us and we would able to manage our time very well and more effective.
Primarily, psychology describes, explains, predicts and controls human as well as animals behavior and mental operations. It teaches us to apply our knowledge, our understanding and our skills as well to the numerous aspects of human life involving issues that tackles with our daily activities such as education, events, social, tasks, employment, association and the relationship and treatment of mental health difficulties. Speaking of mental health, psychology was also able to explain to us the various mental health defects such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Morons, Idiots and etc. By making use of scientific psychological researches, doctors have now developed medicines and even able to alleviate different psychological and mental illnesses.

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