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Name   Hwang ha-seon
Subject   Nympho, who's fault?
Sex is a vital part of marriage and it is also a sacred thing when two persons get legally married and have promised to love each other in front and in the name of our Almighty God. But what if sex becomes a hobby?

        Nympho or nymphomania or furore uterine is the hyper sexuality in women. It is one of the two kinds of hyper sexuality and the other one is the satyriasis which is the hyper sexuality in men.

        Hyper sexuality, or excessive sexual drive, are medical terms for a desire to engage in sexual activities at a level that is considered abnormally high in relation to normal development or culture and at a level that causes distress or serious problems for the person affected or to persons associated with them. It is considered to be a psychological disorder characterized by a hyperactive sex desire and an obsession with sex, and lowered sexual inhibitions.

        Although the concept of hyper sexuality or excessive sexual drive is a common one, some researchers have questioned its legitimacy, arguing that it is merely an attempt to stigmatize persons who do not conform to cultural expectations.

        Several neurological conditions, various types of brain injury and many more neuron-degenerative diseases can cause hypersexual behaviour.

        Therefore, we shouldn't be angry or disgusted to those persons who have hyper sexuality. Instead, we should pity and help them. The unusual hobby they are suffering from is not their fault. It is the annoying result of their disorders or diseases. As normal humans, we should learn to understand and help them to be normal and to act normal like us

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