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Name   Hwang ha-seon
Subject   Teenage Problems: how to cop up
People used to think that teenagers live life carelessly. That only married people encounter problems until studies were made us to why there are juvenile delinquents. Because of the demands of progressive life parents become busy to give children better life they overlooked the other aspects of life they are focused on financial matters. But as children grow so is their problem. Teenagers are also stressed about family, personal and school problems. But they were able to discover how to cope up with these problems their own way. There's a lot of coping mechanism they learn. Social network is one. Now that there are computer shops everywhere they are able to spend time chatting and making friends globally. Going out with friends attending concert, gimmick as they call it is trying to forget family problems for a while or perhaps thinking that problems can solve it. Unfortunately for others they turn the other way they become members of gang they tend to pour out their anger and frustrations joining gang or fraternity. Perhaps due to lack of education and understanding or perhaps because of their surroundings where they see physical abuse around they thought hurting others is just normal.
        Years ago children who came from broken families are looked at and treated differently. Teenagers felt ashamed, kept silent and had feelings of inferiority. It was then when teenagers became a problem and everything was rooted from being a product of broken family. But when broken families became a common thing teenagers learned to accept and live with realities of life. They found ways to put aside their parents' problems and moved on with their life attending to their own personal problems.
        These days, teenagers learned to be flexible, they learned to adjust to situations they cannot change and they learned not to show that they are very much affected with problems around. They are now matured mentally. They learned to grasp the whole situation and become smarter as they go along learning from experience.

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