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Name   Dar Francis
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Subject   I Can Go the Distance
I Can Go the Distance

I have often dreamed
of a far off place
where a hero's welcome
would be waiting for me

and a crowd will cheer
when they see my face
and a voice keeps saying
this is where I meant to be

        A line from a song entitled “Go the Distance” that totally chilled me when we sang it in front of a stage with our parents and teachers watched us with joy last graduation. A short line but behind has full of meanings and messages to everyone in achieving there ultimate goal in life.

        Bonding, laughter, happiness, friendship, and even failures are the things that I will overlook from high school, but these are also the memories I will treasure and use to continue the journey of my success. The combination of happiness and loneliness are the feelings I felt when I walked through the stage and got my diploma, and left my beloved Alma Mater. These memories will be my inspiration to continue the success of my life. And I said and quoted, “It's no the end, It's just the beginning!”

        A chapter of my life has ended, the high school life, but a new chapter had started and it's college life!

        College, as defined by The New International Webster's Dictionary, is a school of higher learning, as an undergraduate school at a university that offers a four to five year of study learning to a bachelor degree.

        College for me is an institution that enhances the knowledge of each student to be more productive that will help for their future and for the future of our country. I entered college with a course of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the University of the East for I want to be a Certified Public Accountant to help my parents and brothers in their schooling and everyday needs. I know it's a long way to go but I always have in my mind, “I can do what others can do.”

        I felt excited and quite nervous when I entered the campus at the first day of classes last Tuesday, June 15. And when the bell rang and students entered each room, new classmates and friends are all around saying, “Hello! What's your name and from what school?” and giving a nice smile to each other. Meeting new friends makes me more comfortable in class. That day, I met Fatima, Yanka, CeeJay, Ama, Eloisa, Ryan, Michelle, Mich, Hannah, and more. There are my new friends and I assure that as the days go by, I will meet all of them and be friends.
        Professors in each subject have different personalities. Some are very serious and some are joker and always makes us laugh. They all told us that as we continue the journey of BSA students, we may sometimes forget to smile, eat, and fell free for we will be more serious on our studies for the reason that we have a maintaining grade in each semester to be in the batch of BSA classes. And if we fail, we will be transfer to other course. The pressure is on ours but I always be optimistic and thinks that I will surpass this challenge and be a CPA someday.

        That day is just a one day than five years of studying with the course I had chosen. I can do all this by studying and striving hard and also with the help of Almighty God. Another journey had opened and I will make this journey a memorable one that will make me a dynamic person.

I'll be there someday
I can go the distance
I will find my way
if I can be strong

I know every mile
will be worth my while
when I go the distance
I'll be right where I belong

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