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Aly's Story by her

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Name   Alyssya
Subject   Magical Dream
These past few days have you heard of the news about an octopus that became popular because of this true guess that Spain will be the champion of 2010 FIFA World Cup?
When I am given a chance to be a fairy, I prefer them to call me Fairy Maria, and be the trainer of little fairies who want to enhance their talents and specialize on their hidden powers.
I wish to be a great psychic fairy. I can surely know what bad and good events will happen in our world. I want them to be ready when a big calamity comes so that nobody will sacrifice their lives just because it is not expected. If it is good, I will leave it as it is.
One more power is to heal people who have cancer. I don’t want to see again a person who died because of that notorious disease. My favorite Lola died because of it and it is very painful for me. Even if she eagerly fought for it, but the Cancer cells spread throughout her body. But if the person wants to rest in peace, I will obey what she wants because it is her own life.
I choose to live in a kingdom named Kingdom behind waterfalls. I love water very much and I think it is comfortable to live there. I desire fishes and other marine animals because they can swim and most especially breathe under water. I want to be a fairy who can fly and swim.
As a fairy, it doesn’t matter what great powers you have to do such good things which you know are the best for others; but be sure that I can do whatever you want me to do, as long as it is good in the eyes of God. Don’t forget me! I’m your Fairy Maria!

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