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Aly's Story by her

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Name   Alyssya
Subject   Hop, Run and make Friends
Being a wild animal in a jungle will cause you hard work. You will be the one to get or hunt for your food and provide your own shelter. Also you should be strong enough to defend yourself from other animals when they attack. I am thinking what if someday I were given a chance to be a wild animal, what will I be?
I want to be a kangaroo. For food, I prefer green leaves. I want to be a herbivore. I don’t like to eat flesh of other animals because they have the right to live as long as they want. Every one of us was given a life from the Lord and no one has the right to take it away from you. I want to live in a small cave that will protect me from the heat and cold of the weather. I know that kangaroos have pouch. Maybe if I don’t have a family yet, I will put there some food so that when a typhoon comes I will be able to survive. If someone wants to attack me, at least I won’t attack them also because I don’t like to see blood run from one of us I know kangaroos are fast runner. I prefer to escape. I just want to enjoy my life for being a wild animal. No one can harm me nor can’t I harm anybody. I loved to be a kangaroo so I can hop. Run and have friends, as many as I can. Kangaroo is the best!

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