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Aly's Story by her

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Name   Alyssya
Subject   “In Every Life, a Rain Must Fall”
For me, I considered rainfall as a trial in every life. You are not a true person if you did not meet a challenge in your life. You should not be afraid of trials because as we know, every trial has a solution.
I am ready for every challenge the Lord had given me because I know that He would help me overcome these challenges. You should always have faith in Him because He will never let us walk the wrong way. Just hold on to Him.
Some persons blame God, why He gave those hard challenges to them but I know these challenges will serve as lessons so that we will not commit the same mistake again. In fact, challenges are made by god but most of all by humans. Humans commit think first before doing anything.
Life is full of obstacles. It will push you up or pull you down. In order to live peacefully, you should win every trial that you will encounter. Believe in Him and He will give us strength. So be ready for every rainfall!

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