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Aly's Story by her

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Name   Alyssya
Subject   High School Life
They said that high school life is the time you can’t forget. You can meet different kinds of persons which can bring you up and down. But you can meet someone who will serve as your true best friends.

There are so many activities in our school but these activities tied us to become strong and stand as one section. Many other sections are mad at us because they said that we are favorite by our teachers. We always perform when there is an occasion. They didn’t know that we are so tired doing this sorts of presentations.

To overcome our tiredness, we always plan to have a gig during weekends after our practice. These places help us to have a peaceful mind and forget our problems in school. We don’t talk about home works, projects and presentations. We want to be happy and feel that we are young to be so problematic.

Let me share about our unique gig in University of the Philippines. They say that this school is the best school in our country as in most of the high school graduates want to pass their entrance exam.

One time, we decided to go to their theatre to watch a play entitled “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” We hired a car to take us to the theatre because they say that it is hard to ride a jeep to their because it is far from the oblation. The play is directed by Mr. Niño Muhlach.

We see many foreigners who are also watching the play. We don’t expect that this is popular among them. We enjoy the play very much because it is a comedy show and the words they use are easy to understand.

Next, we plan to go to Quezon City Circle to enjoy at the carnival. We were teens who come back to childhood. We take pictures with the statue of the animals behind us. We posed to the camera as like we were models, such funny things we do. We don’t care what people think on us. We just want to enjoy our freedom with no problems. We ride a carousel and guess what; we ride first than the little children.

Then we take a jeep to SM Fairview to eat snacks because our stomach is craving for yummy foods. We full our stomach with the best foods and again go to the fourth floor and take another arcade game at Tom’s World. I won second in the five games as if we don’t see the time. It is past 11 o’clock when I got home.

At last, we feel so happy and contented of what we do today! But tomorrow are another day and another busy day to our life.

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