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This event will be an excellent opportunity for all partner schools ,Ansan middle school, Yeosugubong Middle School, Chungdeok Middle School, Novaliches High School, Ramon, Lagro ahigh school in the Philippines ,
  SMA Negeri 1 Subang in the Indonesia,  North-Eastern
SMK Seafield , SMK Tunuku Abaul in Malaysia ,Yakuchs City school, Laborotary SCHOOL Attached to ZheJiang Research Institute of Education Science in China and the other schools to enhance their participation in the on-line project on the web site and better understanding the 5 countries.

2.Participants: All students from AMS, LHS ,NHS, JSHS, 1 SHS , SMK and the other are welcome

3. Due date and notice of winners
1) Students' work must be submitted by
October 15, 2015
2) Winners will be announced by October 25, 2015

4.Contest category
1) Essay Contest ( Language : English )
  - subject (choose one) : War and  peace, How can we make peace?  Introducing your country's culture, history, hero, or school, cyber ethics, My teacher, my dream, Feelings and insights about South Korea,
 the Philippines, Indonesia, Sakha(Russia), Thailand (the country you live in), Peace of the world, compassion for the poor, Global coopration
- length: Approximately A4 1~2 pages.
   (Time New Roman, size 12 point)
2) Cartoon (Sketch) contest
  (scanned or digital camera picture with English description)
- subject (choose one): Drawing or creating an 8-frame comic about
 Friendship on SNS (or offline), my teacher, school, my dream, cyber ethics, peace, or city. Global cooperation
- free size
3) Photo contest
- subject: Peace, Nature. Tradition, friend, school, compassion, freedom.
- length: approximately 2 photos
- size: bigger 1208
960 pxls, less 5MB

4) UCC
- subject: traditional dance, nature, free idea etc.
- length: approximately 3~5 minutes
- size: less than 5MB(if over the size, divide it and make series, upload YouTube and share it or send mushroom4u@naver.com)

5. Awards:
 Prizes will be provide by Online education Forum and Ansan Middle School
           Grand Prize (1 person for all three categories) – MP4 player
           First Prize (1 person for each category ) –USB memory stick
           Second Prize (3 people for each category) -USB memory stick
           Third Prize (4 people for each category) - a set of pencils
           Encouragement (some) – a stationary
   - some participants will get a souvenir ball point pens.

6. Submission:

  You can only summit one entry on the above web site.
- an on line exhibition will be held on the above web site
- off line exhibitions may be held at each of the schools
- UCC over 5 MB can upload YouTube or send

7. Judge
1) First, each school's teachers will judge their students' work and then
Teachers from each of
 participated  schools judge the chosen works together to select the final winners.
2) We will not permit student's copyright.
3) Each school will make up and show the list of judges.