English-Korean-Filipino Phrasebook Project Review

Republic of Korea

Republic of the Philippines

Preface : The world at present is continuously changing and evolving, advancing towards a future that demands all global citizens to keep up with the pace dictated by progress in science and technology. Everyone is encouraged to grow as persons capable of facing challenges of the 21st century and often, these challenges demand that people possess a basic knowledge and a certain level of competence and skill in a number of languages to better promote understanding in the field of communication. It is with this in mind that this Korean-English-Tagalog collection of phrases was written and published.

This book is dedicated to all Filipinos and Koreans who wish to broaden their horizons by learning each others history and culture with English bridging the gap as a common medium for languages. It aims to equip the average learner with enough information on basic words and phrases to enable him to understand and equip him in conversing with the Korean Community who shares his interest

rincipal IV)
           Leader Principal of IACE-Model School Network & ALCoB School
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Introduction: This book is published as one of a cooperative projects of APEC ALCoB school. We published The Korean-English-Tagalog Dictionary 3rd edition on Feb, 2009. The teachers and students in Korea and in the Philippines participated in this project together. In Korean Education Authority, IACE, DEPED(the Philippines Education Ministry) and Quezon City library, the editions were distributed and were given a good review. 
   However, Dr. Moncada(The Principal of NHS) and I have felt the necessity of the Phrasebook.  l decided to publish the English-Korean-Filipino  Phrasebook and proposed to Novaliches High School, Philippines.

Through the internet and telephone, we shared basic expressions by finding commonly used phrases which can be used in daily communications as often as possible.

  We selected 89 situations 600 English basic pharses and translated them into Korean and Filipino languages. Also we add pronounciation rules. The members of Online Education Forum, ALCoB teachers and students of Chungdeok Middle School contributed much effort into the Korean translation. In the Philippines, Dr. Moncada, the ICT teachers and ICT students did the Filipino translation with meticulous effort.

   I believe this will be a continuous project from now which will surely contribute in the understanding of both languages.

    Finally, thanks to Chungdeok Middle School students and teachers, Dr. Moncada (The Principal of NHS), Bhelle Baladad, Romana Sanchez and Ana Mabunga, ICT Coordinators of NHS, the ICT students of NHS and Jesus L. Huenda (ICT Coordinator) of DEPED.  They all participated in the project and often cooperated with me to make this book possible. Also, thanks to Mr. JaeKwon Jeong, Ms. MinJeon Jang, Mr. Daeha Kim and all members of Online Education Forum who helped numerous amount of time during this project.

The chair of Online Education Forum in Korea

                      Chungdeok Middle(Secondary) school teacher

                a school leader of APEC ICTMSN & ALCoB School

Proposer: Mr. Ha-seon Hwang

Proposer and chief Editor : Haseon Hwang
Republic of Korea

Korean editor : Jekweon Jeong

English : Minjeong Jang

Coordinators: teachers of Online Education Forum

ALCoB club students of Chungdeok Middle school

Republic of the Philippines

Principal leader, Filipino Editor : Dr. Noemi M. Mocada

Coordinators: ICT teachers of Novaliches High School

ICT students of NHS

Special Thanks::
Mr. Jesus Huenda (DEPED ICT coordinator),
IACE, Jeollanamdo Office of Education , Yeosu city in Korea
Department of Education of the Philippines, Quezon city

Contents : Preface//Paunang salita
Korean Alphabet and Pronounciation/
ѱ۰ /Korean Alpabeto at Bigkas
Filipino Alphabet and pronounciation/
ʸɾ /Filipino Alpabeto at Bigkas
89 situations 600  basic pharses

Volume: about 80pages (A5 size spring book) / pdf  version

Publishing: published in Korea -paper back and  pdf version (limited publication)

Detail :  http://ictmsn.org/projects/projects09/onlineproject09.htm