Dictionary Project Review(2nd-revised edition)

Republic of Korea

Republic of the Philippines

  • Outline
    The first edition of this dictionary(Review) was pubished as a cooperative project of APEC ICTMSN in October, 2006. The teachers and students in Korea and Philippines participated in this project together. The first edition was opened to the two nations as 100 books, 100 PDF versions, and website versions. In Korean Education Authority, IACE, DEPED(the Philippines Education Ministry) and Quezon City library, the first edition was supplied and was given a favorable reception.  
  •   However, Dr. Moncada(The Principle of NHS) and I found some errors in the first edition, so we published this new version after revising the first several times with the teachers of the two nations. Through e-mail and on-offline medias, we revised it by founding more proper examples and exchanging our opinions.
  •   Someone says that making a dictionary is the most foolish activity. Nevertheless, the reason we republished this dictionary is that it is very helpful to communicate with students and teachers of the two nations by understanding mutual languages.
      We selected 900 English vocabularies and translated them into Korean and Tagalog. The members of Online Education Association and the teachers and students of Jinnam Girls' Middle School contributed much in Korean translation. In Philippines, Dr. Moncada revised the first edition one by one.
  • Prerequisite for class
    subject part :
    dictionary search,  Roman alphabet.
    ICT part :
    searching Internet and sending an e-mail, writing on bulletin board, copyright, making web-page   
  • Aim of the project
    1. Students can recognize and pronounce 1000 words from the  Korean-English-Tagalog vocabulary.
    2. Students can make 150 sentences using the 1000 words from the Korean-English-Tagalog vocabulary
     3. Correct errors in the 1st ed.
  • Tasks
     1. Translate basic 1000 English vocabulary into Korean(Tagalog language) and make example sentences.
    2. Take basic conversational sentences in English according to the situation and translate them into Korean(Tagalog language).
    3. Find a picture or draw a picture using the proper vocabulary and conversational sentences in English.
     4. Corrct errors.
  • Proposer: Mr. Ha-seon Hwang & Dr. Noemi M. Moncada
  • Participants:
    -Korea: Mr. Ha-seon Hwang, Mr. Jekwon Jeong,  Mrs. Seonyoung Choi , Ms. Minjin Kim and 2nd grade students
    -the Philippines : (NHS) Dr. Noemi M. Moncada, Mrs. Dina O. Valenzuela and Chatters culb members ,
    (ERJHS) Ms. Marian A. Bragas, (ICT Cooordinator of DEPED) Mr. Jesus L. Huenda
  • Contents : about 1000 words , 150 useful expressions, Korean grammar
  • Volume: 470pages (text size) / View pdf  version (<Click)
  • Publishing: published in Koreapaper back and  pdf version (limited publication)
  • Detail : http://ictmsn.myi.cc/onlineproject07.htm
  • We will update this dictionary every year.