Republic of Korea

Republic of the Philippines

  • Outline
    Language is the vehicle of human thought. Although Korean students and Filipino students try to communicate with each other, there are many difficulties due to the language barrier. Moreover, students want to learn each other's language, but there are no proper books to do so. Thus, we have drawn up a project to make a Korean - Tagalog language dictionary through the medium of English. While carrying out this project, we are able to reach an understanding of both nations' culture as well as each other's language. Also, through the learners' interaction in the process of carrying out this project, students can learn to work with each other and gain team spirit.

  • Prerequisite for class
    subject part :
    dictionary search,  Roman alphabet.
    ICT part :
    searching Internet and sending an e-mail, writing on bulletin board, copyright, making web-page   
  • Aim of the project
  •  1. Students can recognize and pronounce 1000 words from the  Korean-English-Tagalog vocabulary.
    2. Students can make 150 sentences using the 1000 words from the Korean-English-Tagalog vocabulary
  • Tasks
     1. Translate basic 1000 English vocabulary into Korean(Tagalog language) and make example sentences.
    2. Take basic conversational sentences in English according to the situation and translate them into Korean(Tagalog language).
    3. find a picture or draw a picture using the proper vocabulary and conversational sentences in English.
  • Proposer: Mr. Ha-seon Hwang & Dr. Noemi M. Moncada
  • Participants:
    -Korea: Mr. Ha-seon Hwang, Ms. Una Park, Ms. Jihi Yeoung, Mrs. Eunseon Ryu, Mrs. Jiyong Jeong , Mrs. Seonyoung Choi and 1st grade students
    -the Philippines : (NHS) Dr. Noemi M. Moncada, Mrs. Dina O. Valenzuela and Chatters culb members ,
    View NHS members(photos)/ (ERJHS) Ms. Marian A. Bragas, Mr. Noel Delos Reyes
  • Contents : about 1000 words , 150 useful expressions, Korean grammar
  • Volume: 457pages (text size) / View pdf  version (<Click)
  • View cover: click Here
  • Publishing: published in Korea 150 hard copies and 150 pdf version
  • Detail : Click here
  • We will update this dictionary every year.

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