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   proposal>Occupation Quest Project
Title: Occupation Quest Project
Purpose:  Clear vision for the future gives patience, diligence and desire for achievement to people. This project hypotheses that the students who have similar occupational goals can understand and prepare for the jobs through seeking information cooperatively. They will understand and compare the characteristics of occupations in APEC economies.
Goal of this project
1.Students will increase their efficiency in using ICT through searching on the Internet and sending an e-mail, writing on message boards, copyrighting, making web documents, etc.
2.Students will be able to know the kinds of jobs related to their future dreams.
3.Students will be able to talk with people who have various jobs and get  
  some more information.
Task/ Contents/ Methods/ Activities:
1. Task (Mission)
A. Search for characteristics and necessary conditions of selected occupation .
B. Interview professionals in that field using a given worksheet.
2. Activity steps
Step1(first week)        1. In each class create groups of 5 or less students who have similar future occupational goals..2. Divide the following roles among group members.-web researcher : searching information about the occupation on the Internet-document  researcher: Searching for occupation in a library-photographer: taking pictures-interviewer: interviewing professionals -web publisher: digitizing data and publishing
Step2(second week)        1.Search for information about the selected occupation on the Internet.2.Organize the data and share it with group members. Sources should be sighted for all data collected.(optional) –Research the 10 most popular jobs in both Korea and the Philippines . -discuss why these jobs are the most popular in Korea. -if the lists for each country are different, discuss possible reasons for this.
Step3(third week)        1.Study the data and visit the work places. When visiting workplaces, keep order and take pictures after showing the occupation quest project.
Step4(fourthweek)        1. Write a report. -content may vary but the following information should be of survey/ class number, student numbers and name of group members/ name of person surveyed/ picture of the scene / copies of any correspondence/ results of the survey/ addresses of web sites used for research/ other data2.Check the report each other and discuss it among the group.-the report should also include students’ impressions of their visit to the workplaces (they can get advice from a guidance teacher3 hand in organized data.
■ Expected Results

  Students will be able to understand the world of job market and gain more information about and create a positive outlook towards the occupation related to their future goals through research as well as interviews with professionals in that field. And at the same time, they can help each other and then develop important skills by cooperating with other teenagers who have similar future occupational goals.

■ Things for teachers to keep in mind
․Guide students in searching the Internet and researching using related books.
․Permit an E-mail interview if students have difficulty in doing expert interviews in person.
․Students should be taught in advance about guide about manners that they should observe when they have a field interview.
․Homework can be given to both individuals and groups.
․Students should take pictures with the field expert who interviewed.
․Groups can be organized by grade not just by class.
․Help students to create a positive view of their chosen occupation as well as to avoid criticizing occupations chosen by others.
․Email interviews should only be allowed in cases where a field interview is not possible.

■ Schedule

1. Aug-Sep, 2005
- Construction of Condition
- Guidance for learning ICT

2. Sep, 2005
- Learning about Application of Mail
- Learning about Data search
- Learning about Application of Digital camera and graphic program
- Learning about how to create web data and upload it.

3. Sept-Oct. 2005
- Carrying out the Occupation search project
- Filling out the report, and uploading arranged data

■ Proposing ALCoB Economy : The Republic of Korea

■ Proposer:

Jinnam Girls’ Middle School
328. Mipyeong-dong, Yeosu-Si, Jeollanam-Do, Rep. of KOREA
Phone: (82) 61-652-5240,  Fax: (82) 61-653-6571
Leader: Hwang, Haseon (
Coordinator: Jeong, Jiyoung (
Coordinator: Choi, Jiyoung (
Coordinator: Lee, Seohyang (

■ Form for Occupation Search

Group members        Write down Grade, Class, Number, Name in that order.
Work Responsibilities        Web researcher        
        Document investigator        
        Web publisher        
OccupationBeing researched        Classification        
        Name of the Occupation        
Project date        200  .    .    .
Plan for project        Detail the plan that will be carried out in sequence by date.
Contents to be searched        Job description        
        Workplace description        
        Training, Qualification        
Motivation for choosing this occupation        Opinions of group members
Source of data        * Exact address in the case of Internet researcher.*Sources clearly cited writer, book name, publisher, year of publication, and page of reference in case of books.
the 10 most popular jobs        Research the 10 most popular jobs in both Korea and the Philippines . -discuss why these jobs are the most popular in Korea. -if the lists for each country are different, discuss possible reasons for this.

Getting permission to visit workplaces

Please excuse us for bothering you.
This data will be used as a part of students’ educational activities, Your answers will be used only in students’ school work.
We think, with these answers, our students will gain valuable experience in selecting our future jobs and creating an educational plan
If you any questions, please contact us by phone or via e-mail.
(a teacher in Jinnam Girls’ Middle School)

(Name person who will be surveyed and occupation)

a paper for a survey of occupation information gathered, pencil, camera, etc.
write class, number, name(ex: 3101/ 3 rd year, class, 1, 1)

(keys to a good interview)
1)        Decide which occupations your group is interested in learning about and discuss how to conduct the survey. Each group should select different locations.
2)        Be on your best behavior. Be careful not to disturb other people in the work place

(contents of investigation)
1.        How many years have you been working in this field?
2.        What kind of work are you doing?
3.        Why did you choose this job? and what were your goals?
4.        Where do you work?
5.        Describe your average workday? What time do you go to work and what time do you finish?
6.        What kind of people do you work with and who are the people you meet?
7.        What is the hardest part about your job?
8.        When do you feel most satisfied?
9.        What are your plans for the future? Are there ways to advance in your field?
10.        What are the characteristics you feel are most important for a person to have in this field?
11.        What age group is most suitable for this job?
12.        What kind of clothes do you wear while working?
13.        What kind of education is required for this job?
14.        What kind of certification or licensing is necessary for this job?
15.        What are the special qualifications you need to have this job?
16.        Are there physical characteristics such as gender, health, eye sight, hearing impairment, etc that will restrict a person from doing this job?
17.        Compared to people your age what economic bracket does your job place you in?
18.        What do you want to say to someone who wants to choose this job?
19.        Is there any other information we need to know?
20.        What do your colleagues think about this job?
21.        Describe the feelings you had after this interview.



 proposal>Occupation Quest Project

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