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 e-Clean Project

Practice Guide


Project Outline

Students, parents and teachers are working with one mind to find a solution to the harmful impacts of the cyber world and to make a clean cyber world.

Type: Individual and cooperative researching project.

Subjects related: Ethics, Native Language, Computer, Technology, extra curriculum activities (optional activities), Music and Fine Arts.

Grades: Elementary 4th grade ~ high school 1st grade

Level: Intermediate

Duration: at least 3 to 5 weeks.

Materials: Internet-connected computer, Camera, Research sheets.

Environment: Multi-media room, Newest-type class


 1. All:  Writing an essay (language), creative activities (music), expressing the theme (Fine arts)

2. Elementary: Etiquette at the public places, Respect other's rights and interests, Attention and Service mind to others (Ethics). Writing essay (Language)

3. Middle: Modern society and civic ethics (Ethics), Writing an essay (language), computer theme studying (technology), ethics in information society.

4. High: Teenagers' culture and problem. Realization of moral society and Pursuit of a common virtue (Ethics)

What students already knew.

 1. About subject: Ethics in moral society. Cyber world and Copyright

 2. About ICT: Finding information on the Internet, Sending E-mail, writing on a bulletin board, Making out web-style document and making multimedia materials

Learning Aims

 Students will be able to

 1. observe the proprieties in cyber space

 2. use wholesome information and escape from unclean materials

 3. try to free themselves from game addiction


 1. Making newspapers about cyber world.(Mission 1>)

    1st topic: harmful viruses

    2nd topic: game addiction

    3rd topic: visiting a pc-room around our neighborhood

    4th topic: making a website that I want

    5th topic: Internet etiquette.

 2. Write an example of using unclean information and our desire to end that problem according to the directions (Mission 2>)

 3. Write out your own examples of game addiction according to the directions.       ( Mission 3>)




 secondery school

1st week

1. Make a group of 3 friends to work together

2. Role division

 - reporter (2) : collect sources

 - publisher(1): document  framing

3. Decide what to collect and how to arrange the materials

Start the first step of the assignment you decide to do.

2nd week

1. collect and analyze materials.

2. make a report

( information and pictures)

3. examine the report )

Carry out the second step of the assignment you decide to do.

3rd week

 publish a paper

Carry out the third step of the assignment you decide to do.

4th week


Carry out the fourth step of the assignment you decide to do.

5th week


publish a paper

Referred sites and documents




  - htp://


  - Click netiquette. chungangM&B, 2000

  - CD title , Teaching materials for cyber ethics

  - Internet communication ethics for teaching, KERIS, 2000

Criteria of Evaluation - Evaluation area

1.  Research

   1. High: Research the given area thoroughly and consider it critically   
   2. Medium: Research the given area partly and add a few opinions.
   3. Low: Research the narrow area and the opinion is local.

2.  Cooperation

  1. High: Organize the roles well and reach a conclusion after enough discussion
  2. Medium: Organize the roles, but biased
  3. Low: hardly organized

3.  Results(Portpolio)

  1. High: make the paper format and contents well and research and report are well done
  2. Medium: critical elements, research and analysis are insufficient.
  3. Low: research and analysis are almost similar to other materials

4. Students' response

  1. High: agree perfectly
  2. Medium: agree partly
  3. Low: do not agree


   1. Elementary school students make their papers using word processor (MS Words) and Middle school students will make a HTML document.

  2. The assignments chosen by an individual or group should be accepted systematically.

  3. Students should examine the information on the Internet and their own experiences harmoniously

  4. Students should emphasize the clean cyber culture.

  5. Let individuals or groups carry out the assignment.

  6. It is possible for the students to attempt international exchange

  7. Students will submit the assignment as a hard copy printed documents or post it on the Internet.

Further assignments

1.    Analyze game addiction examples by surveying 100 of your friends.

2.    Find out what places spread harmful information and report them to the police

3.   Organize a NGO about poisonous information with your friends,  have a campaign on the Internet and the street with posters, banners and music.

*Proposed by Hwang, Haseon and Translated by Kim, YeongCheon

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